Raspberry Simpson

  • Program Years: 2018-2022
  • Academic Institution: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Field of Study: Plasma Physics
  • Academic Advisor: Lindley Winslow
  • Residencies:
    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (2019)
    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (2020)
  • Degree(s):
    B.S. Applied Physics, Columbia University, 2014; A.A. Physics, Bard College at Simon's Rock, 2011

Current Status

  • Status: Lawrence Fellow at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  • Research Area: Plasma Physics


**First Author Publications**
1. Demonstration of TNSA proton radiography on the National Ignition Facility Advanced Radiographic Capability (NIF-ARC) Laser
R. Simpson, D.A. Mariscal, J. Kim, G.G. Scott, G.J. Williams, E. Grace, C. McGuffey, S. Wilks,
A. Kemp, N. Lemos, B.Z. Djordjevic, E. Folsom, D. Kalantar, R. Zacharias, B. Pollock, J. Moody, F. Beg, A. Morace, N. Iwata, Y. Sentoku, M. J.-E Manuel,M. Mauldin, M. Quinn, and K. Youngblood,
M. Gatu-Johnson, B. Lahmann, C. Haefner, D. Neely, and T. Ma, Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion (Accepted - 2021)
2. Development of a Deep-Learning Based Automated Data Analysis for Step-Filter X-ray Spectrometers in Support of High-Repetition Rate Short-Pulse Laser-Driven Accelera- tion Experiments
R. Simpson, G.G. Scott, G.J. Williams, D. Mariscal and T. Ma, Review of Scientific Instruments
92, 075101 (2021)
3. Scaling of laser-driven proton and electron acceleration in the multi-ps regime
R. Simpson, G.G. Scott, P. King, D. Rusby, E. Grace-Simpson, M. Sinclair, A. Aghedo, I. Pagano,
C. Armstrong, S. Kerr, J. Williams, N. Lemos, F. Albert, A. Pak, M. Manuel, A. Haid, L. Winslow,
M. Gatu-Johnson, A. Mackinnon, J.A. Frenje, A. MacPhee, S. Andrews, B. Stuart, S. Maricle, R. Costa, B. Fischer, K. Sharon, R. Cauble, D. Mariscal and T. Ma, Physics of Plasmas 28, 013108 (2021)
4. Neutron diagnostics for the physics of a high-field, compact, Q≥1 tokamak
R.A. Tinguely*, A. Rosenthal*, R. Simpson*, S.B. Ballinger, A.J. Creely, S. Frank, A.Q. Kuang,
B.L. Linehan, W. McCarthy, L.M. Milanese, K.J. Montes, T. Mouratidis, J.F. Picard, P. Rodriguez- Fernandez, A.J. Sandberg, F. Sciortino, E.A. Tolman, M. Zhou, B.N. Sorbom, Z.S. Hartwig and A.E. White, Fusion Engineering and Design 143, 212-229 (2019). *indicates shared co-authorship

5. Comparison of polystyrene scintillator fiber array and monolithic polystyrene for neutron imaging and radiography
R. Simpson, T.E Cutler, C.R. Danly, M.A. Espy, J.H. Goglio, J.F. Hunter, A.C. Madden, D.R. Mayo,
F.E. Merrill, R.O. Nelson, A.L. Swift, C.H. Wilde and T.G. Zocco , Review of Scientific Instruments
87, 11D830 (2016)
6. Solid polystyrene and deuterated polystyrene light output response to fast neutrons
R. Simpson, C. Danly, V.Yu. Glebov, C. Hurlbut, F.E. Merrill, C. Wilde, and P. Volegov, Review of Scientific Instruments 87, 043513 (2016)
7. Demonstration of a Time-Integrated Short Line of Sight Neutron Imaging System for Inertial Confinement Fusion
R. Simpson, K. Christensen, C. Danly, V. Fatherley, D. Fittinghoff, G. Grim, N. Izumi, D. Jedlovec,
F.E. Merrill, K. Skulina, P. Volegov, and C. Wilde, Review of Scientific Instruments 86, 125112 (2015)

**Co-Author Publications**
1. Design of flexible proton beam imaging energy spectrometers (PROBIES)
D. Mariscal, B.Z. Djordevic, E. Grace, R. Hollinger, T. Ma, G.G. Scott, H. Song, R.Simpson, J.J. Rocca, S. Wang, Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion (Accepted - 2021)
2. Characterizing the time-scale of laser-driven ion acceleration with data-informed neural networks
B.Z. Djordjevic, A.J. Kemp, J. Kim, J. Ludwig, R. Simpson, S.C. Wilks, T. Ma and D.A. Mariscal,
Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 63, 094005 (2021)
3. Accelerating the rate of discovery: toward high-repetition-rate HED science
T. Ma, D. Mariscal, R. Anirudh, T. Bremer, B.Z. Djordjevic, T. Galvin, E. Grace, S. Herriot, S. Jacobs, B. Kailkhura, R. Hollinger, J. Kim, S. Liu, J. Ludwig, D. Neely, J.J. Rocca, G.G. Scott, R. Simpson, B.S. Spears, T.S. Spinka, K. Swanson, J.J. Thiagarajan, B.Van Essen, S. Wang, S.C. Wilks,
G.J. Williams, J. Zhang, M.C. Herrmann and C. Haefner, Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 63,
104003 (2021)
4. Thermal decoupling of deuterium and tritium during the ICF shock-convergence phase
N.V. Kabadi, R.Simpson, P.J. Adrian, A. Bose, J.A. Frenjem M. Gatu-Johnson, B. Lahmann, C.K. Li, C.E. Parker, F.H. Seguin, G.D. Sutcliffe, R.D. Petrasso, S. Atzeni, J. Eriksson, C.Forrest, S. Fess, V.Yu. Glebov, R. Janzic, O. Mannion, H.G. Rinderknecht, M.J. Rosenberg, C. Stoeckl, G. Kagan,
M. Hoppe R. Luo, M. Schoff, C. Shuldberg, H.W. Sio, J. Sanchez, L. Berzak-Hopkins, D. Schlossberg,
K. Hahn and C. Yeamans, Physical Review Letters 104, 013201 (2021)
5. Direct measurements of DT fuel preheat from hot electrons in direct-drive inertial con- finement fusion
A.R. Christopherson, R. Betti, C.J. Forrest, J. Howard, W. Theobald, J.A. Delettrez, M.J. Rosenberg,
A.A. Solodov, C. Stoeckl, D. Patel, V. Gopalaswamy, D. Cao, J.L. Peebles, D.H. Edgell, W. Seka, R. Epstein, M.S. Wei, M. Gatu Johnson, R. Simpson, S.P. Regan, and E.M. Campbell, Physical Review Letters 127, 055001 (2021)
6. Modeling laser-driven ion acceleration with deep learning
B. Z. Djordjevic, A. J. Kemp, J. Kim, R. Simpson, S. C. Wilks, T. Ma, and D. Mariscal, Physics of Plasmas 28, 043105 (2021)
7. Design Study of a Combined Interferometer and Polarimeter for a High-Field, Compact Tokamak
A. Creely, L. Milanese, E. Tolman, J. Irby, S. Ballinger, S. Frank, A. Kuang, B. Linehan, W. Mc- Carthy, K. Montes, T. Mouratidis, J. Picard, P. Rodriguez-Fernandez, A. Rosenthal, A. Sandberg,
F. Sciortino, R. Simpson, R. Tinguely, M. Zhou and A. White, Physics of Plasmas 27, 042516 (2020)

8. Inference of electron temperature in inertial confinement fusion implosions from the hard X-ray spectral continuum
G. Kagan, O.L. Lande, D. Svyatskiy, H. Sio, N.V. Kabadi, R. Simpson, M. Gatu-Johnson, J.A.

Frenje, R.D. Petrasso, R.C. Shah, T.R. Joshi, P. Hakel, T.E. Weber, H.G. Rinderknecht, D. Thorn,
M. Schneider, D. Bradley, J. Kilkenny, Contributions to Plasma Physics 59, 181– 188 (2018)
9. Demonstration of transmission high energy electron microscopy
F.E. Merrill, J. Goett, J.W. Gibbs, S.D. Imhoff, F.G. Mariam, C.L. Morris, L.P. Neukirch, J. Perry,
D. Poulson, R. Simpson, P.L. Volegov, P.L. Walstrom, C.H. Wilde, C. Hast, K. Jobe, T. Smith, U. Wienands, A.J. Clarke and D. Tourret, Applied Physics Letters 112, 144103(2018)
10. On three-dimensional reconstruction of a neutron/x-ray source from very few two- dimensional projections
P. Volegov, C. Danly, F.E. Merrill, R. Simpson and C. Wilde, Journal of Applied Physics 118, 205903 (2015)
11. Development of Multi-GeV electron radiography for measurements of fast dynamic sys- tems
F.E. Merrill, C. Danly, J. Fabritius, F. Mariam, D. Poulson, R. Simpson, P. Walstrom, and C. Wilde,
Dynamic Systems Bulletin of American Physical Society 118, 205903 (2015)
12. Simultaneous neutron and x-ray imaging of inertial confinement fusion experiments along a single line of sight at Omega
C. Danly, T. Day, D. Fittinghoff, H. Herrmann, N. Izumi, Y. Kim, J. Martinez, F.E. Merrill, D. Schmidt, R. Simpson, P. Volegov, and C. Wilde, Review of Scientific Instruments 86, 043503 (2015)
13. Characterizing quantum-dot doped liquid scintillator for applications to neutrino detec- tors
L.Winslow and R. Simpson, Journal of Instrumentation 7, P07010 (2012)

**White Papers and Proposals**
1. Overview of the Thomson Parabola Charged Particle Spectrometer (TP-CPS) for the National Ignition Facility – R. Simpson, C. Parker, N. Kabadi, B. Lahmann, A. Rosenthal, H. Sio, G. Sutcliffe, J. Frenje, M. Gatu-Johnson, C.K. Li, R. Petrasso, F. Seguin, H. Rinderknecht, K. Flippo, A. Zylstra, D. Mastrosimone, C. Sangster, C. Sorce and J. Kilkenny, Diagnostic White Paper (2016)
2. Measurement of solid polystyrene and deuteron polystyrene light output to fast neutrons on the Weapons Neutron Research Facility – R.Simpson, F.E. Merrill, C. Danly and C. Wilde, Experimental Time on the WNR facility at Los Alamos National Laboratory (2015)


MIT Graduate Woman of Excellence Award
National Ignition Facility and Photon Science Award for Outstanding Publication 2021