The Krell Institute has deep experience in developing and managing programs in collaboration with government agencies, academic institutions and national laboratories. Our staff meets clients’ needs with end-to-end service, including:

  • Recruitment strategy and implementation
  • Committee formation and management
  • Application acceptance and screening
  • Participant management and monitoring
  • Payment and financial management
  • Event planning and oversight
  • Stakeholder communication and coordination
  • Outcome assessment
  • Website and social media representation
  • Secure website design and maintenance
  • Information technology assistance

Our portfolio includes two of the most successful fellowships offered by a U.S. science agency. Krell Institute also launched a third program in the fall of 2017.

  • Department of Energy Computational Science Graduate Fellowship (DOE CSGF): Krell Institute has managed the DOE CSGF since 1997, covering every detail from applicant recruitment to academic oversight. The program provides tuition, stipends and other benefits to doctoral students and guides them as they employ high-performance computing for discovery in disparate disciplines. More than 375 fellows have studied at over 50 universities around the country and nearly 80 fellows are presently enrolled. The Department of Energy’s Office of Science and the National Nuclear Security Administration support the fellowship.
  • Department of Energy National Nuclear Security Administration Stewardship Science Graduate Fellowship (DOE NNSA SSGF): Krell Institute has managed the DOE NNSA SSGF since the program’s 2006 founding, providing complete services from recruiting to stipend and tuition management to academic oversight. The DOE NNSA SSGF supports doctoral students in areas important to maintaining the U.S. nuclear deterrent, including nuclear science, high energy density physics and materials under extreme conditions and hydrodynamics. More than 20 fellows currently attend universities across the United States. The program has nearly 40 alumni and is funded by the National Nuclear Security Administration.
  • Department of Energy National Nuclear Security Administration Laboratory Residency Graduate Fellowship (DOE NNSA LRGF): At the request of the National Nuclear Security Administration, Krell Institute developed a visual identity, website and application system prior to launching and recruiting for the DOE NNSA LRGF in November 2017. Open to second-year graduate students and beyond, the DOE NNSA LRGF's primary objective is to encourage the training of scientists by providing financial support to talented individuals whose study and research is accompanied by extended, practical work experience at one or more of four DOE NNSA facilities. Krell will manage this program in the same manner that it does the DOE CSGF and DOE NNSA SSGF, and its first class of fellows will begin their studies in the fall of 2018.