Dr. James Corones founded the Krell Institute (taking the name from the classic 1956 science fiction movie “Forbidden Planet”) in 1997 to manage three Department of Energy (DOE) programs: the DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellowship, Adventures in Supercomputing, and the Undergraduate Computational Engineering and Sciences Project.

Krell’s location arises from Corones’ background as a tenured mathematics professor at Iowa State University in Ames, and as a researcher and administrator at Ames Laboratory, a DOE facility ISU manages. He chose to maintain the Midwest location to employ experienced staff and maintain access to a qualified science and technology workforce.

Technology and education connect each program we manage. Although our core business is overseeing two of the top graduate fellowships offered by a science agency, we also have managed programs reaching students as early as middle school. We have developed communication products, including magazines, websites, brochures and more, to advance the educational and technological missions of agencies, institutions and laboratories. Krell also manages events, meeting the exacting standards scientific gatherings require. And Krell has executed software-development and other information-technology projects.

Over the course of two decades, Krell has become known for technological expertise, attention to detail and quality service.