Welcome to the Krell Institute

The Krell Institute, a 501(c)(3) corporation, provides technical resources, knowledge and management experience to technology-based education and information programs. For two decades, we have built a standing in the science community as an honest broker and unique collaborator in developing, implementing and managing student fellowships, workforce training programs, technical meetings and science communication products.

Krell has collaborated with several federal agencies, particularly the Department of Energy and National Nuclear Security Administration, creating longstanding relationships and a reputation for excellence. Our partners have included the Department of Education, the National Science Foundation, the Educational Development Center and SRI International, as well as several universities. We have worked with multiple national laboratories, including Los Alamos, Lawrence Berkeley, Lawrence Livermore, Oak Ridge, Pacific Northwest and Sandia.

Our progress is reflected in our annual revenue, which has grown by a 10 percent annual average, from just over $2 million in fiscal year 1998 to more than $9 million in 2015. Employment has doubled from eight to 16 to keep pace with the increasing number of clients and projects we serve. Our success arises from enhancements to existing programs and our ability to anticipate and exceed client needs in areas such as science communication and meeting planning.

Krell will continue to leverage its experience and reputation in the science and education communities to develop new projects and partnerships and maintain existing programs. We seek opportunities to serve additional clients, helping them meet their workforce goals in training, workforce development, science communication and other areas.