Mareena Robinson

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

In a sense, earning a DOE NNSA Stewardship Science Graduate Fellowship has been liberating, Mareena Robinson says. The financial support it provides has contributed greatly to her graduate school success at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

“Having the opportunity to focus completely on research and coursework without financial stresses has allowed me to really concentrate on internalizing the knowledge and pursuing research that genuinely interests me,” adds Robinson, whose field is nuclear science and technology.

What really appealed to Robinson, however, was the program’s goal of training scientists in nuclear-related areas. That’s demonstrated in the program’s support for graduate students “both in their academic and professional experiences. The DOE NNSA SSGF stresses the need to go out into the national laboratories and experience, first hand, the type of research opportunities available, and they have built a community of scientists and alums that genuinely invest in the success of the fellows.”

In fact, Robinson says, the fellowship is one of the most supportive and well managed she knows of. The built-in network of students and staff “allows fellows to concentrate fully on research and being successful at their home institutions. This is definitely a fellowship worth applying for.”