Fabio Iunes-Sanches

University of California, Berkeley

One of the most important benefits of the DOE NNSA SSGF isn’t the stipend or tuition, Fabio Sanches says. It’s the community the program creates.

The fellowship “supports your research goals in multiple ways. Learning about different fields from other fellows, as well as the practicum experience, will undoubtedly further develop your research uniquely. These are rare opportunities that can strengthen the foundation you set during your Ph.D. and open great paths for your career,” the University of California, Berkeley, doctoral student says.

His first annual program review opened Sanches’ mind to the possibilities. He expected stewardship science to focus tightly on research into maintaining and securing weapons and nuclear materials, but connecting with other fellows changed his view. Their diverse studies have applications extending beyond nuclear development, and “since so many different research areas can improve nuclear security, there’s significant room for interaction between disparate fields.”

“Having the opportunity to attend the conference as an incoming fellow was a great way to learn about the different fields of research and their impact,” Sanches adds.

After graduation, Sanches hopes to work in a national laboratory or academia, but he also is interested in science communication to gain public support for research.