NNSA SSGF Current Fellows - FAQ


How are the expenses handled for the practicum? (Top)

Krell Institute handles the travel expenses and pays the fellow an extra amount above the stipend to handle relocation costs. The laboratory does not handle any expenses.

Can the practicum be split up? (Top)


How does travel work during the practicum? Can my advisor be reimbursed for a visit? (Top)

You may submit a travel reimbursement form after your travel for one visit to the lab and one round trip during the practicum. Krell may also reimburse your advisor for one visit during your practicum at the lab. Prior request and approval is required for the advisor visit.


When do we get paid? (Top)

For direct deposit, the stipend is placed in the designated account on the last working day of the month. The stipend check, if sent to a designated person at the university, is mailed out at least a week before the last day of the month. The first stipend payment starts at the end of September.

I get health insurance if I am paid through the University. Can I set up my stipends to allow payments to go through the University? (Top)

Yes. The check will be made out to the University and sent to a designated university person.

I am required to teach as part of my degree requirements. How does this work? (Top)

The DOE NNSA SSGF program\'s support allows students to focus on their academics and research without excessive teaching or other departmental support activities. Each fellow\'s department must waive any teaching requirements beyond one term. Please refer to the Freedom to Focus on research section of the SSGF website, http://www.krellinst.org/ssgf/about-doe-nnsa-ssgf/eligibility-program-requirements

Do I set up housing for my practicum through the lab office or on my own? Am I treated like other summer interns at the lab or does Krell pay the whole bill? (Top)

The Program Coordinator will e-mail you housing information and/or post that info on the website. The Practicum Coordinator is asked to help with housing, so if they give you the same information, that is great. Krell Institute pays an augmented stipend during the practicum period to help with housing and other living costs. The laboratory does not pay for anything.

Academic Allowance

What is the procedure for using the $1,000 academic allowance? (Top)

The check is mailed to your advisor or designee, so you need to check to see what the university procedures are to access the money. The money can be used for expenses such as travel, printing, copying, and other supplies to support the fellow’s research and professional development.

Can I purchase a laptop with my academic (Top)

Yes. You can purchase your laptop as well as any addons or software.