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Department of Energy
Computational Science Graduate Fellowship
Annual Fellows’ Conference

 July 14-17, 2003 
Washington, DC



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    Presenter School/Affiliation Presentation Title
    Session I
    Jarrod Chapman
    University of California, Berkeley JAZZ: A whole genome shotgun assembler
    [ PDF ] [ Flash ]
    Jason Hunt
    University of Michigan An Adaptive 3D Cartesian Approach for the Parallel Computation of Inviscid Flow About Static and Dynamic Configurations
    [ PDF ] [ Flash ]
    Allison Baker
    University of Colorado Toward a Memory-efficient Linear Solver
    [ PDF ] [ Flash ]
    Diem-Phuong Nguyen
    University of Utah Lower Dimensional Manifold Reaction Modeling Applied to Turbulent Combustion Simulations
    [ PDF ] [ Flash ]
    David Nelson
    National Coordination Office of Information Technology Research and Development
    Modeling and Simulation: The Good, the Bad, and the Hopeful
    PDF ]
    Howes Scholar Award
    Oliver Fringer
    Stanford University Nonhydrostatic Parallel Coastal Ocean Modeling
    [ HTML ] [ Flash ]
    Session II
    Mark D. White
    Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
    Crossing the Scales of Subsurface Science via Parallel Computing
    Flash ]
    Eric Lee
    Rutgers University Computational Kinematic Design of Robot Manipulators
    [ PDF ] [ Flash ]
    Charles Hindman
    University of Colorado Control of Aeroelastic Structures Based on a Computational Reduced Order Modeling Method
    [ PDF ] [ Flash ]
    Matthew Fago
    California Institute of Technology Two approaches to multiscale material modeling at the sub-grid level
    [ PDF ] [ Flash ]
    Heather Netzloff
    Iowa State University Simulating Solvent Effects and Liquid Behavior with the Effective Fragment Potential Method
    [ PDF ] [ Flash ]
    Session III
    Douglas B. Kothe
    Los Alamos National Laboratory
    Computational Manufacturing: Toward Simulating Metal Casting and Welding Process
    Flash ]
    Ahmed Ismail
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology Wavelet-accelerated Monte Carlo simulations of coarse-grained lattice polymer models
    [ PDF ] [ Flash ]
    Robert Sedgewick
    University of California, Santa Barbara Quantum Monte Carlo Simulations of the Hubbard Model
    [ PDF ] [ Flash ]
    Boyce Griffith
    New York University Numerical Approaches and Computational Results for Fluid Dynamics Problems with Immersed Elastic Structures
    [ PDF ] [ Flash ]
    Judith Hill
    Carnegie Mellon University A Phasefield Approach to Modeling Fluid-Fluid Interfaces in an Eulerian Framework
    [ PDF ] [ Flash ]
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