Jason Torchinsky

  • Program Year: 4
  • Academic Institution: University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Field of Study: Computational Mathematics
  • Academic Advisor: Samuel Stechmann
  • Practicum(s):
    Sandia National Laboratories, New Mexico (2021)
  • Degree(s):
    B.S. Physics, and B.S. Mathematics, Union College, 2018
  • Personal URL: http://jasonltorchinsky.github.io


Generating Well-Characterized Cloud Droplets in an Agile Tabletop Chamber
J. Zenker, J. L. Torchinsky, C. A. Pattyn, M. Schmidt, B. Bentz, J. Wright, and L. Patel [Article in Preparation.]

Thermodynamic Consistency of Dynamics-Physics Couplings
J. L. Torchinsky, M. A. Taylor, and O. Guba [Article Under Review.]

Mitigating Model Error via a Multi-Model Method and Application to Tropical Intraseasonal Oscillations
J. L. Torchinsky, and S. N. Stechmann [Article Submitted.]

Interactive Model of Ventilation-Perfusion for Medical Student Education
J. L. Torchinsky, K. Baldwin, and C. Green [Article in Preparation.]

A Framework for Idealized Climate Simulations with Spatiotemporal Stochastic Clouds and Planetary-Scaled Circulations
T. Huang, S. N. Stechmann, and J. L. Torchinsky, Phys. Rev. Fluids (2022)

Parallelizing a Serial Code: Open-Source Module, EZ Parallel 1.0, and Geophysics Examples
J. L. Torchinsky, and S. N. Stechmann [Preprint Available]

Elementary Computational Fluid Dynamics Using Finite-Difference Methods
J. L. Torchinsky, and S. Labrake, Union Digital Works Honors Theses (2018)

Introduction to Computational Topology Using Simplicial Persistent Homology
J. L. Torchinsky, B. Johnson, and E. Gasparovic, Union Digital Works Honors Theses (2018)


Allocation Year 2020 Exploratory Award for "Global Climate Models and Multi-Model Communication", National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center - 2020
University Housing's Honored Instructor Award, University of Wisconsin Madison - 2019
George H. Catlin (1867) Prize, Union College - 2018
Martin Terry Resch Prize, Union College - 2018
Professor Frank Titus Memorial Prize in Physics, Union College - 2018
Dean's List, Union College - 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
James Henry Turnbull (1929) Prize, Union College - 2016

Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society - 2022
Omicron Delta Kappa Honor Society - 2017
Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society - 2017
Pi Mu Epsilon Honor Society - 2017
Sigma Pi Sigma Honor Society - 2017