Jay Stotsky


J A. Stotsky, J F. Hammond, L. Pavlovsky, E. J. Stewart, J. G. Younger, M. J. Solomon, and D. M. Bortz. Variable viscosity and density biofilm simulations using an immersed boundary method, part II: Experimental validation and the heterogeneous rheology-IBM. Journal of Computational Physics 2016

J. A. Stotsky, V. Dukic, and D. M. Bortz. A Point Process Model for Generating Biofilms with Realistic Microstructure and Rheology. 2017 arXiv:1707.05739 (https://arxiv.org/abs/1707.05739) (submitted)


Landahl Travel Grant (2015)

DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellowship (2014)

Highest Honors on Undergrad Senior Thesis (2013)

Tufts University Deans List, All Semesters (2009-2013)

Tufts University Class of 1898 Award (2013)

Tau Beta Pi (2012)

Elizabeth V. Tischler Prize in Music Performance (2012)

Meritorious Award - Mathematical Contest in Modeling (2011, 2012)