Louis Jenkins

Summary of Research

Fault tolerance is a fundamental issue in High Performance Computing, and while the challenges are exacerbated when computations are distributed across multiple compute nodes, software-based solutions are achievable. The goal of my research is to design an automated approach for providing fault tolerance for user applications, perhaps via application of program synthesis, an application of machine learning that synthesizes programs from high level specifications, or regular compile-time transformation. In distributed computing, the Partitioned Global Address Space (PGAS) memory model allows for accesses of memory that is 'remote', or allocated on another compute node, via one-sided Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) operations known as PUT and GET. Chapel, Cray's exascale and PGAS language, created as part of DARPA's High Productivity Computing Systems program, is highly receptive to change and can serve as an ideal test bed for research and experimentation. As a bonus, any solutions designed for Chapel may be generalizable enough to be implemented in other PGAS languages, or to expose new paradigms for software-based fault tolerance in distributed computing that may work even under MPI.


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Outstanding Performance Award @ Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (2019)
Peer's Choice for Outstanding Project @ Lehigh University (2016)
Honorable Mention @ Computing Research Association's Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher's Competition, 2017
Dean's List @ Bloomsburg University, Spring 2014, Fall 2015, Spring 2017