Alumna Named Siebel Scholar

Friday, September 25, 2020

Julia Ebert, a recent alumna of the Department of Energy Computational Science Graduate Fellowship (DOE CSGF), is one of 92 graduate students chosen as Siebel Scholars for 2021.

Ebert, a fellow from 2016 to 2020, is a computer science and bioengineering Ph.D. candidate at Harvard University. Her research focuses on developing robot swarms, sets of autonomous devices that could collaborate to accomplish tasks too dangerous or tedious for humans, such as building a human habitat on Mars.

The Siebel Scholars program recognizes exceptional students from 16 of the world’s leading graduate schools of business, science and engineering, a release says. Deans of each school lead a competitive review process, judging candidates on the basis of outstanding academic achievement and demonstrated leadership, choosing the top graduate students from 27 partner programs each year.

Siebel Scholars receive a $35,000 award for their final year of studies. On average, they rank in the top 5 percent of their class, many are in the top 1 percent.