Journal Highlights DOE CSGF Alumni in Special Issue

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

A recent issue of the journal Computing in Science & Engineering focuses on the research of several Department of Energy Computational Science Graduate Fellowship alumni in recognition of the program’s 30th anniversary.

Alumni Jaydeep Bardhan (2002-2006), Mary Ann Leung (2001-2005), Eileen Martin (2012-2016) and Amanda Randles (2010-2013) were guest editors for the November/December issue and wrote an introduction. Longtime DOE CSGF supporters and steering committee members David Brown of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, James Hack of Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and Robert Voigt of research company Leidos provided a look into the fellowship’s founding and early years.

Those contributing articles on their research are Allison Baker (1999-2003), Julianne Chung (2006-2009), Mala Radhakrishnan (2004-2007), Eric Chi (2008-2011) and Jarrod McClean (2011-2015). In each article the author discussed the impact the fellowship had on their work and career.

The DOE CSGF was created in 1991 to train graduate students in the skills needed to apply high-performance computing to a range of scientific fields. It has trained more than 500 fellows and helped foster computational modeling as an approach equivalent to theory and experiment.