The Krell Institute is an established manager of the nation’s top graduate fellowship programs, helping train the next generation of leaders in science and technology.

But that’s not all we do.

Krell also has developed science and technology educational materials and published computational science websites and magazines. We’ve organized scientific meetings and other events, large and small. And Krell and affiliated organizations are leading initiatives in energy-efficiency training and open-source supercomputing-toolkit development.

ASCR Discovery

ASCR Discovery is a webzine that Krell maintains about the research that powers computational science – the use of computers to gain insight and understanding of scientific questions. It is a collaboration with the Office of Advanced Scientific Computing Research in the Department of Energy Office of Science, which sponsors the featured research.


DEIXIS Online is the frequently-updated online companion to the eponymous annual publication of the Computational Science Graduate Fellowship, which Krell manages for DOE. DEIXIS covers the latest computational science breakthroughs at the DOE national laboratories.