2008 Department of Energy
Computational Science Graduate Fellowship Annual Fellows’ Conference

 June 17-19, 2008 
Washington, DC

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Group A (presenting posters 6:00 - 7:00 pm)
John Ziegler Viscous, Reactive, Compressible Flow: Direct Simulation of Mach Reflection and Detonation Phenomenon  [abstract]
Applied Mathematics
James Martin MCMC Methods for Bayesian Inverse Problems  [abstract]
Benjamin Sonday Probing for “slow” variables using diffusion maps  [abstract]
David Ketcheson Optimal SSP Runge-Kutta Methods  [abstract]
Natalie Ostroff An engineered eukaryotic clock  [abstract]
Chemical Engineering
Geoffrey Oxberry Automatic Reduction of Chemical Reaction Mechanisms Through Reaction and Species Elimination  [abstract]
Kevin Kohlstedt Chiral symmetry breaking with ionic lattices wrapped around nanofibers  [abstract]
Jenelle Bray Computational Advances in GPCR Structure Prediction  [abstract]
David Rogers Improved Force Matching Using Bayes’ Theorem and Stretched String Energy Priors  [abstract]
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Brian Levine National airspace model: Deterministic optimization of flight frequencies by carrier after airport losses  [abstract]
Cameron Talischi Honeycomb Wachspress Finite Elements for Structural Topology Optimization  [abstract]
Computational Biology
Robin Friedman Assessing Conservation of Individual Mammalian MicroRNA Target Sites  [abstract]
Ariella Sasson De Novo Short Read Genome Sequencing  [abstract]
Alex Perkins Application of selfish genetic elements to vector-borne disease control  [abstract]
Computer Science
Arnab Bhattacharyya Noise Management, Inspired by Nature  [abstract]
Steven Hamilton An Efficient Multigrid Approach for the Oseen Problem Based on the HSS Iteration  [abstract]
Electrical Engineering
Zlatan Aksamija Boltzmann Transport Simulation of Electron Transport in Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes  [abstract]
Mark Berrill Modeling Extreme Ultraviolet Lasers  [abstract]
Mechanical Engineering
Asegun Henry Thermal Conductivity of Polyethylene Chains Using Molecular Dynamics Simulations  [abstract]
Ethan Coon Extended Finite Element Methods for Repeated Rupture  [abstract]
Carolyn Phillips Polydisperse Polymer-Tethered Nanospheres in the Double Gyroid Phase  [abstract]
Gregory Crosswhite Tensor Networks: Weapons of Mass Simulation  [abstract]
Christopher Carey A Numerical Investigation of Extragalactic Jet Stability  [abstract]
Alejandro Rodriguez In search of surprises from the quantum vacuum: a computational approach to the study of Casimir forces in nanostructured media  [abstract]
Paul Sutter The evolution of cosmic structure with coupled dark matter and dark energy  [abstract]
Group B (presenting posters 7:00 - 8:00 pm)
Aerospace Engineering
Peter Norgaard Application of adaptive mesh refinement to particle-in-cell methods  [abstract]
Applied Mathematics
John Evans Discontinuity Capturing and the Variational Multiscale Method  [abstract]
Michael Sekora Extremum-Preserving Limiters for MUSCL and PPM  [abstract]
Julianne Chung Separable Nonlinear Least Squares Problems in Medical Imaging  [abstract]
Tal Danino Synchronization of an E. coli genetic oscillator  [abstract]
Jeremy Lewi Designing Neurophysiology Experiments to Optimally Constrain Parametric Receptive Field Models  [abstract]
Joshua Adelman Ring Opening Dynamics of the Sliding DNA Clamp PCNA  [abstract]
Chemical/Biomedical Engineering
Ashlee Ford Modeling Controlled Release Drug Delivery from PLGA Microspheres  [abstract]
Jordan Atlas Modeling a Minimal Gene Set Drawn from Multiple Sequenced Bacterial Genomes Chemistry  [abstract]
Matthew Reuter Modelling Laser Field Alignment of Organic Molecules on Semiconductor Surfaces: Toward Ultrafast Molecular Switches  [abstract]
Jeff Hammond Coupled-cluster theory on supercomputers  [abstract]
Computational Biology
Miler Lee Structural modularity of microRNA precursors  [abstract]
David Markowitz Rate-Specific Synchrony: Using Noisy Oscillations To Detect Equally Active Neurons  [abstract]
Sarah Richardson BioStudio: Computer Assisted Design of Synthetic Genomes  [abstract]
Electrical Engineering
Matthew Adams Computational Electromagnetics for Improved Wireless Network Simulation  [abstract]
Health Sciences and Technology
Danilo Scepanovic A definition and method for estimating instantaneous heart rate  [abstract]
Nuclear Engineering
Joshua Hykes Deterministic and Monte Carlo radiation transport in Computed Tomography dose estimation  [abstract]
Kristi Harris Atomistic Simulation of Electromigration in Nanoscale Metallic Interconnects  [abstract]
Christopher Schroeder The Higgs Boson and the Top Quark in a Box  [abstract]
Hal Finkel The Gravitational-Wave Spectrum of Preheating Inflation Models  [abstract]
Jack Deslippe Electronic and Optical Properties of Nanostructures from First Principles Calculations  [abstract]
Benjamin Smith Gluons from the Fifth Dimension: A Search for Kaluza-Klein Gluons at the LHC  [abstract]
Milo Lin A Landscape Model of DNA Hairpin Kinetics  [abstract]

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