Department of Energy
Computational Science Graduate Fellowship
Annual Fellows’ Conference

 July 14-17, 2003 
Washington, DC



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Fellows’ Posters

Group 1 (first 40 minutes)
Aerospace Engineering & Astronomy
Mary Dunlop Jet Noise Prediction   [abstract]
Aerospace Engineering
Justin Koo Computational Modeling of Stationary Plasma Thrusters   [abstract]
Ryan Elliott Stability concepts for thermally-induced martensitic transformations in crystals   [abstract]
Applied Mathematics
Kevin Chu Preliminary Steps in Modeling Rechargeable Batteries   [abstract]
Catherine Norman Contact Line Motion with Level Sets   [abstract]
Bio Informatics
Michael Driscoll Dynamical Motifs in Gene Regulatory Networks   [abstract]
Gavin Conant Duplicate genes and robustness to transient gene knockouts in Caenorhabditis elegans   [abstract]
Joshua Waterfall Modelling Quorum Sensing in Agrobacterium tumefaciens   [abstract]
Daniel Horner Computational methods in electron-driven chemistry   [abstract]
Joyce Noah Kinetic theory of density fluctuations in one component monatomic fluids at equilibrium   [abstract]
Chemistry & Biochemistry
Catherine Grasso POAVIZ: a Partial Order Multiple Sequence Alignment Visualizer   [abstract]
Chemical Engineering
Mary Biddy Molecular Engineering of Triacylglycerols   [abstract]
Obioma Uche Concerning Maximal Packing Arrangements of Binary Disk Mixtures   [abstract]
Civil Engineering
Kristine Cochran The role of cyclic plasticity on the low-cycle fatigue performance of the space shuttle main engine steel components   [abstract]
Computational Neuroscience
Michael Wu How Can a Neuron Interpret a Spike Train?   [abstract]
Computer Science
Yan Karklin A Hierarchical Bayesian Model for Learning Higher-order Structure in High-dimensional Datasets   [abstract]
Richard Mills Adapting to memory pressure from within scientific applications on multiprogrammed clusters of workstations   [abstract]
Computational Astrophysics
Marcelo Alvarez Radiative Transfer in Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Simulations of Cosmological Reionization   [abstract]
Electrical Engineering
Jaydeep Bardhan Fast Methods for Biomolecule Charge Optimization   [abstract]
David Schmidt A Coding Theory Framework for Genetic Sequence Analysis   [abstract]
Richard Katz Toward Computational Models of Magma Genesis and Geochemical Transport in Subduction Zones   [abstract]
Geophysical Engineering
Samuel Schofield A Finite Element Preconditioner for Semi-structured Spectral Element Applications   [abstract]
Elijah Newren Virtual Blood   [abstract]
Mechanical Engineering
Nathaniel Morgan Numerical Simulation of Phase Transition in Porous Media   [abstract]
Nuclear Engineering
Nathan Carstens Efficient Parallelization of the Monte Carlo N Particle (MCNP) K-Code Calculation; Next Generation Nuclear Reactor Design   [abstract]
Gregory Davidson Finite Element Radiation Transport on Quadrilaterals using Wachspress Rational Basis Functions   [abstract]
Kristopher Andersen Electronic structure of quantum dots   [abstract]
Devin Balkcom Robotic Origami Folding   [abstract]


Group 2 (last 40 minutes)
Aerospace Engineering
Matthew McNenly Slip Model Performance for Internal MEMS Gas Flows   [abstract]
Applied Mathematics
Nawaf Bou-Rabee Asymptotic and Numerical Analysis of Electrostatic Buckling of Cantilevers   [abstract]
Benjamin Kirk Adaptive Mesh Refinement for Parallel Finite Element Simulations   [abstract]
L. Jonathan Dursi Microphysics of Astrophysical Flames   [abstract]
Gregory Novak Simulations of the Lyman Alpha Forest   [abstract]
Bio Informatics
Bree Aldridge A mathematical model of insulin signaling in the apoptosis decision network   [abstract]
Julian Mintseris Getting the Most Out of Statistical Potentials: Optimized Representations for Protein-protein Interactions and Fold Recognition   [abstract]
Annette Evangelisti A tractable method for computing the distribution of receptor-ligand aggregation size   [abstract]
Chemical Engineering
Owen Hehmeyer Monte Carlo Simulation of Colloid and Polymer Systems   [abstract]
Randall McDermott ODT subgrid closure for LES: application to decaying isotropic turbulence   [abstract]
Mary Ann Leung Simulating Copper/Nickel Sandwiches using Paratec   [abstract]
Christopher Rinderspacher An Aufbau-Ansatz for Geminal Functional Theory   [abstract]
Civil Engineering
Alex Lindblad Real-Time Finite Element Models for an Immersive Surgical Simulation Environment   [abstract]
Computational Neuroscience
Benjamin Lewis Modelling RNA Structures that Mediate Specific Nucleic Acid Recognition applied to the Inference of MicroRNA-Target Interactions   [abstract]
Computer Science
Amoolya Singh Pathway Evolution and Modularity of Bacterial Stress Responses   [abstract]
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Sommer Gentry Optimal robot base placement for robotic shipwelding   [abstract]
Electrical Engineering
Courtney Roby Photonic Crystals Using Self-Assembly of Metallo-Dielectric Nanospheres   [abstract]
Environmental Modeling
Michael Barad Second Order Accurate Embedded Boundary Methods for the Solution of PDEs   [abstract]
Matthew Wolinsky Overpressure Development on Passive Margins: Effects of Loading by Dynamic Deposition Fronts   [abstract]
Mathematics & Scientific Computation
Benjamin Keen A second order kinetic scheme for gas dynamics on arbitrary grids   [abstract]
Mechanical Engineering
Michael Greminger Vision-Based Force Measurement Using the Boundary Element Method   [abstract]
Seung Lee Theoretical Modeling of the Interactions Between Gram-negative Bacteria with Mineral Surfaces   [abstract]
Medical Physics
Michael Kowalok Coupled Adjoint and Forward Monte Carlo Radiation Transport for Radiotherapy Treatment Planning   [abstract]
Nuclear Engineering
Heath Hanshaw Asymptotically Derived Discretization and Acceleration Schemes for Radiation Transport   [abstract]
Teresa Bailey An Adaptive Mesh Refinement Scheme for the Linear Transport Equation in R-Z Geometry   [abstract]
Matthew Anderson Constrained Evolution in Numerical Relativity via PETSc and SUNDIALS   [abstract]
Vision Science
Ahna Girshick Surface cues and perceived distortions in pictorial images   [abstract]

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