Department of Energy
Computational Science Graduate Fellowship
Annual Fellows’ Conference

 July 14-17, 2003 
Washington, DC



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Pictures from the Conference

James Decker, Principal Deputy Director, DOE Office of Science

Tyler Przybylek, Acting Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel, NNSA

Barb Helland (Krell), Margaret Wright (Courant Institute), CSGF alumnus Oliver Fringer, Jim Corones (Krell)

Howes Scholar Award winner Oliver Fringer

Margaret Wright, Everet Beckner, Jim Corones, and Beverly Berger (NNSA)

Everet Beckner, Deputy Administrator for Defense Programs (DOE/NNSA), speaks to the Fellows

Everet Beckner shakes hands with CSGF alumnus Thomas Epperly (now at LLNL) as John May (LLNL) looks on

Kelly Sullivan (PNNL) speaking to new Fellow Sarah Moussa and Everet Beckner

At the Livermore National Lab poster

DOE Laboratories poster session

Fellow Mary Dunlop talks with Mark White (PNNL); in background left, Fellow Jaydeep Bardhan speaks with Joseph Grcar (LBNL)

Jim Corones and Dimitri Kusnezov, Director of DOE's Office of Advanced Simulation and Computing

(left foreground) Oliver Fringer and Michael Barad; (right foreground) Fellows Daniel Horner and Heath Hanshaw

Fellow Teresa Bailey with Thomas Adams (LLNL)

Doug Kothe (LANL) and CSGF alumnus John Dolbow (now at Duke University)

Fellows Catherine Norman and Judith Hill; George Lea

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