Edgar Solomonik

Summary of Research:

I develop parallel numerical algorithms for scientific applications. Previously, I studied the scalability of parallel sorting algorithms as motivated by an N-body cosmology simulation application, which employed an Oct-tree decomposition. I’ve also worked on molecular dynamics simulations for distributed-memory supercomputers and GPU clusters.

Currently, I am designing scalable algorithms and libraries for parallel numerical linear algebra. I look for algorithms that attempt to reduce or minimize communication, a key goal to achieving higher scalability. In particular, we have developed algorithms that achieve asymptotically improved strong scaling (solving a problem faster with more processors). These so called ‘2.5-dimensional algorithms’ reduce communication asymptotically using limited replication. The parallel decompositions we use also map nicely to modern toroidal supercomputer networks, achieving peak throughput efficiency. We have shown that these algorithms can achieve large speed-ups and have extended the replication concept to many linear algebra problems, molecular dynamics simulations, and certain graph problems.

I am also developing Cyclops Tensor Framework, a code designed to provide support for distributed-memory symmetric tensor contractions. These computational kernels are instrumental for the Coupled Cluster electronic structure calculation method. We have designed new algorithms for distributed tensor storage as well as adaptive methods for communicating and contracting the tensors. Using this framework, we have already implemented a Coupled Cluster method with double excitations, and have shown that the framework can handle 6- and 8-dimensional tensors, necessary for computation of Coupled Cluster with double, triple, and quadruple excitations.


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ACM/IEEE-CS George Michael Memorial High Performance Computing Fellowship, 2013

NERSC Award for Innovative Use of High Performance Computing, 2013

Distinguished Paper (with co-author James Demmel); Euro-Par 2011, Bordeaux, France; for “Communication-optimal parallel 2.5D matrix multiplication and LU factorization algorithms.’

Office of Science Graduate Fellowship (Declined), 2010

NSF Graduate Fellowship Honorable Mention, 2010

Finalist for CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award, 2010

University of Illinois CS Department Best Undergraduate Research Project Award, 2009